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Welcome to Beachside Electrician Miami Pros, your go-to source for reliable and professional electrical services in Miami and nearby areas. As a premier electrical company in Florida, we are dedicated to delivering premium-quality solutions to meet the needs of our clients in Miami, FL. We are locally owned by our master electrician Ben Sharabi,  and locally operated through out Miami Area.  We take great pride in providing our community with exceptional quality and customer service.  Our mission is to surpass your expectations by offering outstanding electrical services  tailored to your specific needs  and budget.


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We understand the importance of adhering to the guidelines set forth by condo associations, and we work diligently  to ensure that your electrical repair is done effectively. 


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Beachside Electrician Miami Pros acknowledges that electrical problems may occur unexpectedly, hence, we provide immediate and dependable emergency electrician  services in Miami. Our Miami emergency electricians  are  accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cater to your urgent electrical needs. 

Our Miami emergency electricians are  equipped with the latest tools and technology to quickly diagnose and resolve any electrical emergency, from power outages to electrical fires. We understand the importance of acting fast in an emergency situation, and that’s why we guarantee a rapid response time to all emergency calls.

When it comes to electrical emergencies, safety is the top priority. That’s why our emergency electricians are fully licensed, insured, and trained to handle any situation with care and precision. We follow all safety protocols and regulations to ensure that the problem is resolved safely and efficiently, without compromising on the quality of our work. Our emergency electricians have years of experience and are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to address any type of emergency, from minor electrical faults to major issues that require a complete electrical overhaul. When you choose Beach Electrician Miami Pros for your emergency electrical needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your safety is our top priority.

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Our  residential electricians have  extensive experience in providing a wide range of electrical services for residential Miami properties. . Beachside Electrician Pros  can handle everything electrical  from small repairs to complete rewiring and installations. You can rely on our residential electricians to ensure that your electrical needs are met efficiently and effectively. Your home is your castle that’s why we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that guarantee the safety and proper operation of your electrical systems. We possess the necessary expertise to carry out various electrical tasks with effectiveness, including troubleshooting, inspections, lighting installations, and electrical panel upgrades.

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We acknowledge the significance of safety in electrical work, which is why our Miami Electricians are trained regularly on Florida State regulations and safety protocols. By choosing Beach Electrician Miami Pros, you can rest assured that your electrical service  are being managed by proficient experts.


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With Beach Electrician Miami Pros, you can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical needs are in the hands of professional electricians.

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At Beachside Electrician Miami Pros, we also  offer commercial electrical services to businesses in Miami and nearby areas. . Our Miami commercial  electricians are equipped to handle all types of commercial electrical needs, from minor repairs to major installations and renovations. We understand that electricity is a crucial component of any business, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that your commercial space is operating efficiently and safely. Whether you need new wiring, lighting, or electrical upgrades, our Miami commercial electricians  have the expertise to get the job done on time and on budget. At Beachside Electrician Miami Pros, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our Miami commercial electricians  are familiar with the unique requirements of Miami businesses and are committed to providing top-notch solutions that are compliant with local regulations and codes. Whether it’s electrical installations, upgrades, or repairs, our commercial electricians have the expertise and resources to get the job done right the first time.

Electrical Panel Repair Services in Miami

The electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system, responsible for distributing power to all your devices and appliances. A damaged or faulty electrical panel can lead to a variety of issues, including power outages, tripped breakers, and even electrical fires. If you suspect that your electrical panel is not functioning properly, it is essential to call in a professional electrician right away.

At Beach Electrician Miami Pros, we offer comprehensive electrical panel repair services to ensure that your home’s electrical system is functioning safely and efficiently. Our team of licensed and experienced electricians will conduct a thorough inspection of your electrical panel to identify any underlying issues and provide the necessary repairs. From simple repairs to complete panel replacements, we have the expertise and resources to handle any job. Don’t put your home’s safety at risk; trust the our Miami electrician  at Beach Electrician Miami Pros for all your electrical panel repair needs.

Reliable Circuit Breaker Services in Miami

At Beach Electrician Miami Pros, we understand the importance of having a functional and reliable electrical system for your property. Circuit breakers are a critical component of your electrical system, and when they malfunction, it can lead to power outages and potentially hazardous situations. That’s why our team of skilled electricians provides comprehensive circuit breaker services to keep your system running smoothly.

Our Miami electrician has the expertise to inspect and repair circuit breakers in both residential and commercial properties. We will assess the condition of your circuit breakers and identify any potential issues, such as wear and tear, loose connections, or other damage. We will then provide you with a detailed report of our findings and recommend the necessary repairs to ensure your system is operating safely and efficiently.

If your property has an outdated or inadequate electrical system, we can provide circuit breaker upgrades and installations to meet your needs. Our electricians will assess your system and recommend the appropriate upgrades or installations to improve the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to provide reliable and high-quality circuit breaker services for your property.

GFCI Outlet Installation Services in Miami

GFCI outlets, also known as ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, are an important safety feature for any home or business. These outlets are designed to prevent electrical shocks by immediately cutting off power if they detect any imbalance in the electrical current. At Beach Electrician Miami Pros, we offer professional GFCI outlet installation services for residents and business owners in Miami. Our licensed and experienced electricians can assess your electrical needs and recommend the best options for your property.

We understand the importance of safety when it comes to electrical systems, which is why we always use high-quality materials and follow strict safety protocols to ensure that your GFCI outlets are installed correctly and function properly. With our GFCI outlet installation service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected against electrical hazards. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our GFCI outlet installation services in Miami.

Professional TV Mounting Service in Miami

Are you tired of the cluttered cords and bulky TV stands in your home or business? At Beach Electrician Miami Pros, we offer professional TV mounting services to help you create a clean and organized entertainment space. Our team of experienced technicians can mount your TV securely on any wall or surface, ensuring a safe and stable installation. We use high-quality mounting brackets and hardware to ensure your TV stays in place for years to come.

We understand that every TV mounting project is unique, which is why we take the time to assess your space and discuss your preferences before starting any work. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized and reliable services that meet your specific needs and budget. Plus, with our years of experience and knowledge of the latest technologies and techniques, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to schedule your TV mounting service in Miami!

Safety Electrical Inspections in Miami

Safety electrical inspections are a crucial part of maintaining the safety and functionality of your electrical systems. Our team of experienced and skilled electricians at Beach Electrician Miami Pros offer comprehensive electrical inspections to identify any potential hazards or issues with your electrical systems. Our inspections include checking the wiring, electrical panels, outlets, switches, and other components to ensure they are up to code and working properly. We take the time to explain any issues or concerns we find and provide solutions to address them promptly.

Regular electrical inspections can prevent major electrical problems from occurring, and can save you time and money in the long run. By identifying potential issues early on, we can help you avoid costly repairs and keep your electrical systems running smoothly. Don’t wait until a problem arises; schedule a safety electrical inspection with Beach Electrician Miami Pros today and have peace of mind knowing that your home or business is safe and up to code.

EV Charging Station Installation in Miami

As more and more people turn to electric cars, the need for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations has become increasingly important. At Beach Electrician Miami Pros, we understand the significance of having a reliable and efficient EV charging station installed at your home or business. Our team of licensed electricians is experienced in providing expert installation services for a variety of EV charging station models, making sure your electric vehicle is always charged and ready to go. We use high-quality materials and follow industry standards to ensure your EV charging station is safe, reliable, and efficient. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that your EV charging station installation will be done right the first time.


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Beachside Miami Electrician Pros is the top choice for all your electrical needs. Our team of licensed and certified electricians has years of experience in the industry, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best service possible. We take pride in our attention to detail and our commitment to safety, and we use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your electrical systems are functioning at their best.

At Beachside Miami Electrician Pros, we understand that electrical issues can be stressful, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services. We are always ready to help, no matter the time of day. Our team is familiar with the unique needs of Miami businesses and residences, and we work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations. When you choose Beachside Miami Electrician Pros, you can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical needs are in the hands of professionals who truly care about your safety and satisfaction.

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